Friday, February 18, 2011

Be creative please :)

hello peeps,in our previous class our lecturer miss huda asked us to create our logo using only what we have in our pencil case..and each things that we used have to meant something to the we have to combine the things that we have and create some cute logo's;)
it's kinda fun doing it because we have to be as creative n as imaginative as we can to complete the task but at last we've made it people!!
so here's some picture of the logo that we've created n pictures behind the scenes;)
feel free to check it out!!!;)

                                                                OUR LOGO!!

The pendrive means that we store each other ideas in it
The 3 highlighter means that we gather all our ideas n make  it into one brilliant idea
The sweets means that we are sweet as the ladyonbug name 
The stapler represents our unity and strength for each other and our bonds will not break so easily
The sharpie pens represents us!!
The calculator as we see its beneath the three sharpie pens and it means if we have profit/loss on selling our products we will divides it fairly among each other..

                                                               while presentation yo!!;)

                                                            other groups presentation;)

behind the scene's;)

Thanx to our miss huda,for making this activities because it makes us think more what to do with such little things to makes it turns out as our business logo and it makes us more relax and having fun in your class..
so thank you miss norulhuda;)