Sunday, February 27, 2011

Design Your Own Database

Last Monday, we learnt how to design our own database. In order to create the database, the application we have to use is Microsoft Access. Database is use to create and analyze database. Database makes your company or your own data to be more organized and systematic. Here, we want to share with you guys out there about how to create your own database. I bet many of you are eager to know, don't cha?
So this is how it looks : -

To make this tutorial complete, we were given a task to crate our own company database. 
Here are the hands on session

Prepare your employees database.
★  Enter the field name as requested.
★  Key in data for five (5) employees.
★  Prepare form (design and personalize).
★  Print and submit report (in form format).
★  Due date is 3rd March 2011.

Regarding this post, we hope that not only us but everyone out there will be able to learn and apply this database in your Microsoft Access. Good Luck :)